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Are snacks and birthday parties only on Friday?

~Smart Snacks including ice cream are available for sale in our Snack Shack every day.

Aren’t your snacks just junk food?

~All our snacks meet USDA Smart Snacks for School Nutrition requirements which include whole grain, low sugar, low fat and low sodium. We also offer Gluten Free and Dairy Free ice cream.

What if my child needs lunch but he doesn’t have any money in his account?

~We will always feed lunch or breakfast to any student who asks! They will however be charged for the meal and you will be responsible for payment. We cannot deny any child requesting a meal unless the parent/guardian has instructed us in writing to do so.

My child is allergic to/doesn't like milk. Can they get something else?

~One carton of milk is provided free with the purchase of a lunch. Extra milk is $.50. We are able to accomodate allergies as long as you can provide a doctor's note with replacement requirements. We can offer lactose free milk but if your child cannot have lactose we will provide them with a cup for the water fountain. They may also purchase juice for $.50 if they have money in their account.

My child is spending too much on snacks, can I set a limit?

~YES! If you would like to limit the amount of snacks your child purchases, please contact:

Angie Schuster at or 803-756-1116 or Charlotte Gable at or 803-756-1117 and we will be happy to help you.